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DoReMi World

Do you offer online lessons?

No. While I totally understand the pandemic opened the door for this type of interaction, I don’t offer them because I believe they rob my students of the full experience of learning while I can correct your technique right there and then. Because of this for the time being, I am keeping my lessons in person.

Do you have a waiting area for those not taking the lesson?

Yes, I do have a 3 person sofa right next to us where you can relax while we have the lesson.

How much do you charge for the lessons?

I charge $35 for half hour and $45 for 45mins to an hour. I generally recommend 1 hour lessons because it allows us to work on different concepts in the same lesson.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes, I do offer a package of 8 lessons at $30 each ($240) for half hour lessons. I also offer a package of 8 lessons at $40 each ($320). You can cancel lessons as you need to but you do have a certain period of time to use all your lessons (3months).

What is your address?

Please contact me for address and directions. Because you’ll be coming to my home studio, you must have made an appointment with me so we can work together.




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