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Music Production and Engineering LESSONS

Learn the skills of a lifetime career! In my Music Production and Engineering program, I help my students achieve better recordings and enhance their music production skills. I cover the basics of sound, microphones, placement, recording, mix, arrangement, beat production and more!!! I always take into consideration what each student wants to achieve and the 20+ years of experience working both with independents and established artist help me deliver lessons that are extremely helpful to all my students.

WHAT You’ll Learn


Everything in the universe vibrates. Learn about acoustics, sound waves and how to make it work for you.


Learn more about the characteristics of microphones, preamps and where to place them.


Learn how to record inside your Digital Audio Workstation. We’ll be using Protools.


Learn the principles of what makes a good mix and how to achieve it so your projects can stand out.

Beats and Arranging

Learn beat making, sequencing and arranging so your songs will be more appealing to your fans.

Music Production

Get familiar with the ins and outs of producing your songs through out the process of recording.

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