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My guitar program is designed for students 6 years old and over (6 year olds have to be evaluated prior to setting up a regular schedule). Students will be exposed to multiple ways of approaching playing guitar. I focus my guitar lessons on finger exercises for speed and dexterity, technique, foundations of music harmony and performance but always taking into consideration my student’s ultimate guitar goals.

WHAT You’ll Learn

finger Exercises

Important finger exercises to develop speed and coordination, essential for any style of music.

Reading Tabs

Basic reading skills so you can progress faster as you gain more knowledge of the instrument.

Ear Training

I’ll teach you how to eventually be able to listen to a song and figure out what chords blend with the music!

Music Theory

The most important concepts you need to understand music and play with confidence.

Soloing Principles

Learn the basics to creating lead melodies that serve the music and allow you to express emotion.


Learn to translate your ideas and turn them into musical concepts that anyone can relate to.

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